Digital things don’t have to be abstract or short-lived. They have an impact on our actual lives: we buy a product, we find a job, we fall in love or we join a gym.

This is the key: digital communication has an actual impact on the real world of brands and users.


Once upon a time they were consumers. Now they’re known as users. They want services which will adapt to them, rather than the other way round. They have real needs, feelings and concerns; and they must be listened to, soothed, made to feel better and allowed to dream… There is one thing that you, the brands, need to understand: you have to take your users into account.


Brands don’t sell anything. They provide solutions. Their services, products and experience grow and change together with their users. Digital brands need to understand them and talk to them. This goal is shared by everyone.


We are a hybrid team, a group of people with our own interests and a vocation to make a better world. At realbonds we are passionate about digital communication; we are motivated by creativity and the search for excellence with a spirit of collaboration.  We can’t wait to be your digital matchmaker!